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Three Questions to Consider When Selecting a Platform for Your Software

When you are creating software, the many choices of platforms can be overwhelming. After all, you are forced to choose between an iOS, Android, cross-platform, or web system, and each of these requires a different set of skills. In light of this, it’s important that you decide which platforms you’d like to tackle before you start your project. Here are three questions that may help you find the answer.

How much time and money am I willing to spend on this project?

    • When you are developing software for your own use, it’s important to budget your time and receive a return on your investment. Likewise, if you are contracted by a company, you want to do the best work possible in the least amount of time.

    • The platform you choose can change how much time you spend on a project. Making an iOS or Android app could be a relatively quick process, while a cross-platform or web project will take a lot longer.

Who is the primary audience?

    • Different development platforms cater to different people. Location can be one factor in this decision. The vast majority of smart phone users in America will use the iOS platform, while Android phones are more popular in other parts of the world.

    • Another important factor is age. Young people might be more smart phone savvy, while older clients may prefer a web-based application.

    • In light of this, if your app caters to a large group of people, it is probably best to take the time and make it cross-platform.

What does my client need?

    • Often times, your client will have a personal preference about which platform you use. Maybe they give out company cell phones which are all Samsung, so they need an Android app. Or perhaps their company is very focused on boosting their website’s functionalities.

    • Make sure you always ask your client before you agree to work on a project, because even if you don’t think it is the right platform for their intentions, you still need to work with their requests.

With these three questions, it should be clear to you which platform to use. When in doubt, always ask your client what their preferences are–they can make the decision if you can’t decide.

If you’re still not sure, contact us for more information on mobile and web app development.

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New Mobile Tech and the Dangers of Your Mobile Phone and 2 Ways to Protect Yourself

Mobile phones are key in today’s society. Mobile phones make life easier. There are apps covering everything from banking to project management. However, the problem with this newfound organization is not clearly understood by most. People hold devices everyday and retain little or no knowledge of how they truly work. Mobile phones open a door into our lives leaving us vulnerable. Knowing how mobile phones work is essential in protecting yourself and your business.

Following are two ways to protect yourself from malicious attacks through your mobile phone.

Installing Random Apps

  • Passwords
  • Camera Settings
  • Video Recording Settings
  • Bank Account Information

Treat Your Phone As You Would Your Wallet

In many ways your phone is much more important to protect than your wallet. If your phone falls in the wrong hands, someone can easily install spyware without your knowledge. Allowing someone to access your phone is risky. Installation of an app takes under five minutes, opening a door into your life. Your phone is easily turned into an undetected video camera allowing anyone to watch you without your knowledge. A simple app is capable of recording your phone conversations and text messages. Even your deleted texts and photos are easily restored.

In the age of technology security is extremely vital. Privacy is easily infiltrated undetected. When deciding what type of technology to use with your business seek expert advice. Don’t leave your business or employees open to malicious attacks. Contact us today for consultation.

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Now is the perfect time to develop a smart watch app when selecting a platform (iOS, Android, Cross Platform, Web Development)

Mobile app development is booming in today’s market with both the Google Play and the Apple App store hosting more than 2 million apps apiece. These apps range from games and learning tools to word processors, fitness apps and more. Consumers are discovering that these apps increasingly are more functional than their desktop computer counterparts. Most modern mobile devices come equipped with sensors that can detect rotation (accelerometer), pressure (Apple’s 3D touch), GPS, compass orientation, always on voice detection and cameras on the front and rear that are close to rivaling a DSLR. With all of this data at a developer’s fingertips, a wearable smart watch app is the perfect complement to the main app.

Smart watches like the Apple Watch and the Android Wear line contain additional sensors such as a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS and a barometer. These sensors are most useful to fitness apps, however, one feature that is useful to any app are quick glance notifications. Smart watches are more convenient than a phone when checking for notifications. Developers can create small nuggets of actionable notifications that allow for quick replies and the freedom to not get bogged down reaching for the phone. This invaluable time saver is the perfect reason to develop a smart watch app as part of any mobile app development work.

Smart watches are expected to grow 18 percent in 2017 according to VentureBeat. Wearables are expanding in use and functionality and now is the time to add this critical segment of development to your app.

If you need additional information on selecting a development platform, feel free to contact us.

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Snapchat World Lenses allow users to play with augmented reality

With the success of Pokemon Go last summer, many app developers are looking for new ways to incorporate augmented reality into new mobile tech. Snapchat, the image sharing app, recently launched their own improvement on this technology. World Lenses is a new feature that allows the user to enhance photos with 3D images. It places these images into an existing location and the user can interact with them virtually.

Over the past couple of years millennials have been going wild with Snapchat Lenses. This allows users to embellish their selfies with crazy sunglasses, wild eyes, animal ears or rainbow vomit. The company introduced “world” lenses in November of 2015 to allow these effects on photos of anything else, such as pets or coffee cups. Now, the newly launched World Lenses is an augmented reality filter that allows the user to put 3D images into photos of the real world. These elements behave as they actually exist, changing in size or perspective as you “move” around them.

According to World Lenses is easy to use. Tap the screen to use the rear facing camera and scroll through options. Snapchat plans to regularly add new choices, but for now the user can choose from a cloud, a rainbow, mushrooms and more. Simply move the object to place it. World Lenses is not laid on top of the image, but incorporated into the environment, so the user can also “walk” around it to adjust the size, distance or angle.

World Lenses is often compared to Pokemon Go. This augmented reality game uses GPS to find virtual creatures in real world locations. World Lenses goes a step further in that developers have been able to learn from the glitches that plagued Pokemon Go and make World Lenses work more smoothly.

Apps are a great way to engage your customers. Incorporating the latest in new mobile tech makes your app both unique and practical, so please contact us for more information.

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Issues with Mobile Technology

Technology makes people more productive and life much easier. The most powerful technology to develop in recent years is mobile technology. Everybody uses it in some form. Laptops, phones, and tablets have become a part of everyday life because they are so convenient. That is why many businesses are trying to incorporate mobile technology into their business plans.

According to a survey of the top company executives, 80% of them see mobile technology as an integral part of their company’s future. Over half of them plan to increase their mobile presence this year; 15% of them will increase it by 20% or more.

It is understandable why many companies are turning to mobile technology. It allows employees to work anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. They do not have to be at the office in order to do their job and can get more work done. There seems to be no negatives to mobile technology. However, those negatives do exist.

First, a mobile device needs to have a mobile connection in order for it to work properly. Therefore, a company’s productivity relies directly on their network connectivity. This has become a problem for many businesses. Many IT departments are swamped with issues dealing with connectivity problems. What makes it worse is that they cannot figure out problem most of the time. There is no real answer to this problem than to increase a business’s network coverage.

Second, it is very difficult to protect mobile devices from threats. A hacker does not need a physical connection to a company’s system to steal from it anymore. He or she only has to be on the same mobile network. Cyberspace is an ever-changing battlefield where threats can appear out of no way and companies must find a way to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

If you are a company looking to increase your mobile presence, do not allow these things to scare you. Mobile technology is a great thing and you should use it. Just be mindful of connectivity issues and security. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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