3 Must-Have Features for Service Company Loyalty Programs

3 Must-Have Features for Service Company Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are traditionally used by companies that sell physical goods. But if you’re in the service industry and you want to find new ways of routinely contacting and incentivizing your customers, loyalty programs can work just as well. Here’s how to build a loyalty program based on your industry:

  • Have an app that provides both communication and incentives. Customers use apps that are easy and provide an initial reason to sign up. They are a convenient house for discounts and free offers, as well as tailored updates about services that interest them. And while releasing an app doesn’t guarantee customer loyalty, not having one acts as a signal to customers that your company doesn’t care about loyalty, regardless of the truth of the matter. 
  • Keep the loyalty plan competitive. No matter what the industry standards are, you have to match them and exceed them. Customer expectations regarding discounts and specialized services for loyal patronage need to be a decisive factor in your packaging. If you don’t meet the basics, even if you think the basics are extensive, then your competitors will look better in comparison.
  • Focus on customer experience. This is actually a weakness that product-based companies have that your service business doesn’t. Customers care more about an enjoyable experience than just the money. Because you provide an experience each time you service a computer, offer subscriptions, or handle another element of your company, you have more cues for starting feedback.

Crafting the right loyalty program can be challenging, especially if you don’t have similar companies as models. Go to RAFIT Services here for more strategies and tips.


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