3 Ways to Improve Your Texting Campaigns

3 Ways to Improve Your Texting Campaigns

Customers are inherently suspicious about marketing texts. Not only are they sent en masse by spammers who purchased their numbers from data aggregators, the content itself can rarely be trusted: it’s full of typos, misleading statements, and links that lead to malware. If you’re going to use texting in your communication to customers and marketing campaigns, you have to carefully take into account this predisposition. Here’s how:

  • Have accurate, concise content. People are automatically leery when one of their first interactions with you is via text. You have to cultivate that impression immediately by having typo-free content that isn’t bogged down by emoticons. Share your message with a clever tagline, leave your action statement, and then leave it at that.
  • Look for unique ways to get customer responses. Not everything has to be about getting five-star reviews or useful information from your customers. In fact, customers will see that as fishing for personal information and generally not respond. Instead, open the door to interaction by asking trivia questions in return for discounts, polls about days for sales or even less directly applicable information. Building a relationship through texts that your customers can trust is more important than information gathering.
  • Vary your content according to platforms. Different types of media should get different offers. Using the same offers on social media and texting means not only will customers not care about the content they receive, it will always seem like an inferior version of the social media message they already received. If you’re trying to ensure complete coverage of your client pool, varying the message still lets you do that.

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