Apple Looking to Transform Diabetes Care

Apple Looking to Transform Diabetes Care

New Mobile Tech

In the world we are living in, there lies no limit to mobile technology. Every developer is trying to find ways to include everyday activities to fit into mobile technology for mobility purposes. Leading mobile tech companies like Apple have been at the forefront of development of various mobile technology to increase efficiency.
On a recent announcement, Apple has revealed they are working on a secret project to develop mobile wearable devices that will monitor blood sugar levels of people with diabetes without necessarily requiring users to use the invasive finger sticks. With biomedical engineers and doctors making up most of the team working on the project, the tech development will soon come to completion.

Broad market
The force fueling development of the technology to monitor blood sugar level is the lucrative nature of the market. With many people in the world suffering from the condition, developing a mobile technology to monitor your levels without having to poke your finger for a blood sample sounds like fun. With today’s mobile products being consumer goods, there lies an untapped market in the medical arena and Apple want to tap it.

Availability of similar products
By partnering with companies that deal with tech monitoring glucose levels, Apple has an added advantage regarding insights into development of the app. Many other products developed before hold accuracy issues and regularly need calibration for various periods of times, something that Apple looks to change by developing a technology that does not require calibration but works seamlessly through the day.

Future innovations
Using the same concept that Apple uses to develop their app, other mobile developers look to use the same technology to develop a monitoring patch for a variety of services. One particular idea in incubation is to measure performance of athletes and oxygen levels of patients in hospitals. For more information, call us.


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