How Cloud Technology Helps Enterprise Mobility

How Cloud Technology Helps Enterprise Mobility

In recent years, one of the popular concepts found in the tech world is “cloud technology”. Although at times, some technology concepts seem more hype than substance, cloud technologies actually live up to their reputation and are becoming an increasingly important tool to help companies streamline organizational processes.

Cloud technologies essentially allow organizations to incorporate an incredible amount of flexibility into the types of devices they use for corporate work processes. Cloud technologies provide this flexibility by potentially supporting a wide range of devices including tablets, smart phones, laptops, iPhones and iPads, while still serving the traditional workstation PC.

The cloud also helps organizations stay on top of even small changes in their business due to real-time updating of essential data. Cloud technologies make all this happen by unchaining data from an employee’s hard drive or even a corporate server and providing real-time access to key corporate employees wherever they might be. If you have employees who spend much of their time traveling or if they routinely work out in the field, no longer do they have to wait to get back to the office to upload their own changes or download important updates. As long as they have an internet connection, they can access their own portion of the world wide web through a cloud-based application.

Of course, anytime, anywhere access doesn’t mean that all organizational data and applications are accessible to everyone. Just as with local or intranet applications, organizations have complete control over deciding who has access to what in order to maintain the privacy and integrity of their data. If you would like to know more about how cloud technologies can assist your enterprise organization in becoming more mobile, please contact us.


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