Issues with Mobile Technology

Issues with Mobile Technology

Technology makes people more productive and life much easier. The most powerful technology to develop in recent years is mobile technology. Everybody uses it in some form. Laptops, phones, and tablets have become a part of everyday life because they are so convenient. That is why many businesses are trying to incorporate mobile technology into their business plans.

According to a survey of the top company executives, 80% of them see mobile technology as an integral part of their company’s future. Over half of them plan to increase their mobile presence this year; 15% of them will increase it by 20% or more.

It is understandable why many companies are turning to mobile technology. It allows employees to work anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. They do not have to be at the office in order to do their job and can get more work done. There seems to be no negatives to mobile technology. However, those negatives do exist.

First, a mobile device needs to have a mobile connection in order for it to work properly. Therefore, a company’s productivity relies directly on their network connectivity. This has become a problem for many businesses. Many IT departments are swamped with issues dealing with connectivity problems. What makes it worse is that they cannot figure out problem most of the time. There is no real answer to this problem than to increase a business’s network coverage.

Second, it is very difficult to protect mobile devices from threats. A hacker does not need a physical connection to a company’s system to steal from it anymore. He or she only has to be on the same mobile network. Cyberspace is an ever-changing battlefield where threats can appear out of no way and companies must find a way to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

If you are a company looking to increase your mobile presence, do not allow these things to scare you. Mobile technology is a great thing and you should use it. Just be mindful of connectivity issues and security. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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