McDonald’s Embraces New Mobile Tech

McDonald’s Embraces New Mobile Tech

New Mobile Tech

McDonald’s recently decided to test new mobile ordering technology in several of their California restaurants. Customers can simply order their meal and drinks with their smartphone and pick it up at the nearest location instead of waiting in line at the counter or in the drive-thru.

The fast food giant installed mobile payment and ordering equipment in 29 restaurants throughout Salinas and Monterey last month. They plan to rollout the pilot program to over 50 additional restaurants in Washington.

The company’s business leaders are using the pilot to gain valuable insight into how customers interact with the technology. McDonald’s will use the feedback they collected during the trial run to revamp their mobile ordering system so it’s more efficient and user-friendly. Eventually the corporation plans to expand their new mobile app technology to almost every McDonald’s restaurant in the United States by the end of 2017. Restaurants in China, Canada, France, Germany and other European countries will also receive a similar upgrade.

Overall, McDonald’s hopes the new mobile ordering functionality will increase their digital sales and improve the customer experience. They can use the mobile app to notify customers about upcoming promotional offers and coupons. Fast food workers can also use the app to keep track of the customer’s location so they can have the food ready for them when they arrive.

As more and more people turn to their mobile phone to place orders, we believe the demand for mobile orders will only continue to grow. Please contact us today for the latest news and information about mobile tech.


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