New Google Mobile Technology – Is It a Search Feature or App Launcher?

New Google Mobile Technology – Is It a Search Feature or App Launcher?

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Google is changing up the way users search for information by adding tappable shortcuts to its standard search page.  By adding this new element, Google is essentially turning its search feature into a mini-app launcher of its web tools like their restaurant finder or nearest ATM locator.
Although it might seem like a subtle shift, it fundamentally transforms the way users search for information, not only for the nearest restaurant or ATM but for other everyday information such as:

  • weather,
  • news,
  • hotel bookings,
  • or games like Tic Tac Toe and Solitaire.

The significance of recognizing there is better, more efficient ways to search for information include:  decreasing search times, making information more discoverable and throwing at least a small gauntlet down in front of Google competitors. 

No matter how much technology companies increase the speed of their products, both hardware and software, users often become frustrated when they have to wait for answers.  With Google’s new change, everyday information is that much more easily available for consumption.  In addition, Google makes their tools more discoverable by presenting some that most users did not even know existed.  Most users know that Google offers both a calculator and a language translator, but did anyone know they offer a bubble level to assist in hanging paintings or other wall fixtures?  Lastly, Google hopes to remain competitive by offering a faster, smoother experience to the billions who are searching for information every day.

It remains to be seen how this subtle shift by Google will affect apps, their developers and how people use mobile technology.  As it always does, the world of technology will continue to march forward to forge new and exciting pathways.

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