New Mobile Tech and the Dangers of Your Mobile Phone and 2 Ways to Protect Yourself

New Mobile Tech and the Dangers of Your Mobile Phone and 2 Ways to Protect Yourself

Mobile phones are key in today’s society. Mobile phones make life easier. There are apps covering everything from banking to project management. However, the problem with this newfound organization is not clearly understood by most. People hold devices everyday and retain little or no knowledge of how they truly work. Mobile phones open a door into our lives leaving us vulnerable. Knowing how mobile phones work is essential in protecting yourself and your business.

Following are two ways to protect yourself from malicious attacks through your mobile phone.

Installing Random Apps

  • Passwords
  • Camera Settings
  • Video Recording Settings
  • Bank Account Information

Treat Your Phone As You Would Your Wallet

In many ways your phone is much more important to protect than your wallet. If your phone falls in the wrong hands, someone can easily install spyware without your knowledge. Allowing someone to access your phone is risky. Installation of an app takes under five minutes, opening a door into your life. Your phone is easily turned into an undetected video camera allowing anyone to watch you without your knowledge. A simple app is capable of recording your phone conversations and text messages. Even your deleted texts and photos are easily restored.

In the age of technology security is extremely vital. Privacy is easily infiltrated undetected. When deciding what type of technology to use with your business seek expert advice. Don’t leave your business or employees open to malicious attacks. Contact us today for consultation.


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