Three Questions to Consider When Selecting a Platform for Your Software

Three Questions to Consider When Selecting a Platform for Your Software

When you are creating software, the many choices of platforms can be overwhelming. After all, you are forced to choose between an iOS, Android, cross-platform, or web system, and each of these requires a different set of skills. In light of this, it’s important that you decide which platforms you’d like to tackle before you start your project. Here are three questions that may help you find the answer.

How much time and money am I willing to spend on this project?

    • When you are developing software for your own use, it’s important to budget your time and receive a return on your investment. Likewise, if you are contracted by a company, you want to do the best work possible in the least amount of time.

    • The platform you choose can change how much time you spend on a project. Making an iOS or Android app could be a relatively quick process, while a cross-platform or web project will take a lot longer.

Who is the primary audience?

    • Different development platforms cater to different people. Location can be one factor in this decision. The vast majority of smart phone users in America will use the iOS platform, while Android phones are more popular in other parts of the world.

    • Another important factor is age. Young people might be more smart phone savvy, while older clients may prefer a web-based application.

    • In light of this, if your app caters to a large group of people, it is probably best to take the time and make it cross-platform.

What does my client need?

    • Often times, your client will have a personal preference about which platform you use. Maybe they give out company cell phones which are all Samsung, so they need an Android app. Or perhaps their company is very focused on boosting their website’s functionalities.

    • Make sure you always ask your client before you agree to work on a project, because even if you don’t think it is the right platform for their intentions, you still need to work with their requests.

With these three questions, it should be clear to you which platform to use. When in doubt, always ask your client what their preferences are–they can make the decision if you can’t decide.

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