Tumblr Launches New Mobile Video Sharing App Named Cabana

Tumblr Launches New Mobile Video Sharing App Named Cabana

Tumblr has recently announced the launch of Cabana. The new mobile app will allow people to share and watch videos together with their friends and family. This is the first social app from the micro blogging and social networking company, which currently has over 340 million blogs on its platform.

How The Cabana App Works

When a user downloads Cabana they can ask up to six people to join them in a virtual room. They can find their friends by their username or phone number by allowing the app to connect their address book. It’s up to the user to decide if they want to create a new room or join an existing one. Users can also choose between making their room public for everyone to view, or keeping it private by locking the room.

Once everyone is inside Cabana’s virtual room, users can chat with each other as long as they want to. Everyone can look up different video content and share it with their friends and family in the room. If someone doesn’t like the video that is playing on there, they can easily change it to another one. Cabana users can also keep using their phone when they have the app open. Users can pause the app and leave the room to make a phone call, look up directions, or do anything else they need to with their phone.

Tumblr plans to make the Cabana mobile app available in iOS during the summer. For more information about Cabana, please contact us today.


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