Sometimes customers ask us to develop a product that, with a few tweaks, can benefit other companies, too. We call these “platform apps”.

With these apps, we take a common base (the platform) and customize it for different customers. This allows a small business to have a custom app at a significantly reduced cost. When one or more customers ask us to develop a new module or function, we are able to spread that development cost out so that it becomes reasonable for a number of small businesses.

Once deliverables are determined, we set a project plan in place. We:

  • Assign the tech team
  • Set milestones and dates
  • Create a project management plan
  • Let you know what information we’ll need from you, with due dates


When we’re ready for first look, we’ll:

  • Provide you with a working beta to test internally
  • Make adjustments based on your input


When we’re ready to publish, we:

  • Will publish to iphone and/or android
  • Help you bring the product to market, if desired