Tiger Treks Auto Responder


User would be able to install “Tiger Treks Auto Responder Application” from Google Play store.

Application Usage Over view

Tiger Treks Auto Responder listens to the SMS you have received and responds to incoming SMS automatically. The Tiger Treks Auto Responder is also able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time. When you are busy or it is inconvenient to respond to messages, this app will automatically reply the incoming text messages, once enabled.

Your Contacts can be made into groups and the response message can be customized for each group.

  • Able to setup multiple SMS auto responders for auto reply
  • Schedule a message for future purpose
  • Create Groups
  • Templates can be created for easy access
  • Follow up action – SMS & Email to a pre defined email address can be scheduled as a part of the follow-up action.
  • Auto Responder action based on the contacts
  • Auto Responder action based on keywords
  • E-Mail Configuration
  • Access phone address book for auto responders and creating groups
  • Message categories for templates
  • Enable / Disable auto responders

Starting Application

User is able to start the application by selecting the Auto Responder, icon, from the application list.

Splash Screen

On clicking the “Auto responder” icon user will see, a splash screen with contacts icon, scheduler icon and the template icon.


User can view the list of address book and the user Groups created.

View Address Book

User would be able to view the address book inside the contact tab. User can schedule the SMS from address book.

User Groups listing

User would be able to view the groups created by him/her. User can create and save new groups from this page.


User can view and navigate to different menus listed in the scheduler tab. User would be able to view SMS Auto Responder, SMA Scheduler, and would be able to configure email with the system from this tab. (Email client must be configured on the phone to use the mail option)

SMS Auto Responder

After selecting the option, in the scheduler tab, you can see the list of auto responder schedules. User can create Auto responder from this page.

User can create Auto responder message by giving Auto responder Name, Auto responder dates (user can select from –to dates from the calendar), user can apply conditions from the drop down menu (Action based on contact or action based on key words), and user can add individual contacts from groups that have already been created.

User can create Auto responder messages and can use pre-defined templates that are already created and saved in the system. The option “Action” allows the user to select the medium you need to send the reply (SMS or email (If configured)).

SMS Scheduler

This feature allows you to view the scheduler listing. User can create new scheduler Name by selecting create option.

User can create “Scheduler name to” by giving a name, message content, you can add contacts or groups, along with the scheduling time and date. It would be listed inside the “SMS scheduler” option under “scheduler”.

Configure Mail

This feature allows you to configure your personal e-mail with the system. You can configure the email by giving apt information to the dedicated fields provided and selecting the save option.


This feature inside the app allows the user to, view the templates and the message categories listed. Users can create custom templates and message categories.

Templates list

This feature allows you to view the list of custom templates created. User can create new template by selecting the create option.

Create Template

Users can create new template by selecting “create” option by giving specific information to the fields and saving the template.

Message categories list

Users can view the message category listing by selecting the message categories option under the “Template”.

Add /create Message categories

Users can create new custom categories by selection create option and giving proper information requested.